Regulatory Compliance and Client Care Letters

Before any work is undertaken by the lawyers at Education Law Barristers a client care letter will be sent to prospective clients. The client care letter will set out the ELB lawyer’s hourly rates or fixed fees for a particular stage of legal work, depending on the work that needs to be undertaken. See our Fees page for more information.

It is not always possible to give a clear indication of the likely global figure, but the lawyer will make it clear before undertaking work the likely cost that a particular piece of work will cost and the hours needed to undertake the work. ID checks need to be carried out in most cases before any legal work can be carried out. A passport or driving licence and utility bill will usually suffice. Some work will necessitate monies being paid on account prior to it being undertaken. Fees can be settled by cheque, BACS or IBAN transfer, or by credit / debit cards. A small surcharge may apply to debit and credit card transactions, to cover merchant bank card-transaction fees.

ELB lawyers are regulated by the legal regulator: the Bar Standards Board. ELB lawyers undertake training and annual CPD to ensure that their skills and knowledge base is up to date in their areas of practice. Our complaints policy is underpinned by the Legal Ombudsman service.

To discuss how ELB’s lawyers might assist you in a case, whether it be legal advice, legal drafting, written submission, or representation before a panel, court or tribunal, that you are seeking, call Education Law Barristers on: 0845 652 0451

See also our Education Law Barristers Website Terms page.